Wednesday, July 28, 2010

07/ 2010 The Kavanaghs announce US tour

The powerpop band from Argentina The Kavanaghs announce their second international tour. After having played in the UK in 2009 now it's the turn of the USA, where their debut album is available in specialized CD stores. The Kavanaghs were invited to perform at the International Pop Overthrow, probably the most important event in the international powerpop scene. The festival takes place in different cities of the USA and Europe, and The Kavanaghs will play at the Los Angeles and Portland dates. The band will also play in other venues (not as part of the festival), being the most important the Hard Rock Café in Las Vegas and venues in New York City and Washington DC.

The Kavanaghs have two albums released by the label from Argentina Eternal Sunday. The songs in the first one, The Kavanaghs are originals, while the second album, This Is Where We Come From, is a compilation of classic rock covers that influenced the band. The Kavanaghs perform songs with vocals in English, placing them among the few bands from Argentina that tour non Spanish-speaking countries playing for the regular public, not for the Latin community.

The Kavanaghs US tour 2010 dates:
• August 7, 2010: Los Angeles / "The Joint" (International Powerpop Overthrow)
• August 8, 2010: Las Vegas / "Hard Rock Cafe"
• August 12, 2010: Portland / "East End" (International Powerpop Overthrow)
• August 16, 2010: New York/ (A confirmar)
• August 18, 2010: Washington DC/ (TBC)
• August 22, 2010: Washington DC/ (TBC)

More gigs will be added soon.


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