Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Release: Angelini Music - One

Eternal Sunday releases digitally in the whole world the first album by Angelini Music.

Angelini Music is the project of Mauro Angelini, a multifacetic multi instrumentalist, producer and singer from Argentina. One is his first album, where he creates an oniric instrumental cocktail where diverse influences are mixed together: electronic music, chill out/ lounge music, Asian melodies, tango, Argentinean folklore, rock and roll, film music, funk, Western philosofies and a long et cetera. (This is why some people call him "the Argentinean Moby").

"Cool In Japan (Single 02)" for sale at iTunes

With a little delay the second part of the single "Cool In Japan" by Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi is available for sale at iTunes and other fine digital stores.

Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi - Cool In Japan (Single 02)

The single features five exquisite remixes of the song in different styles.

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