Tuesday, February 26, 2013

02/ 2013 Canal Pop feat. Polette (and Cosaquitos En Globo) tracks at Alfa Matrix compilation Absolute Grrrls Manifesto

A track by Canal Pop featuring Polette AKA Paula Varela, “Things You Say You Like”, was selected among hundreds of submissions to be part of the Absolute Grrrls Manifesto compilation released by the Belgian electro label Alfa Matrix. “Out Of Presence” by Cosaquitos En Globo was also included in the additional download card.

Absolute Grrrls Manifesto is the ultimate anthology of female fronted bands from the alternative / underground music scene and its various subgenres (gothic metal, new wave, industrial, pop rock, electro, synth pop, EBM, techno…). This 4CDs collection (plus a 40-song additional soundcard) presents an unbelievable 111 (!!) bands in a deluxe carton box with an extensive 32-page booklet featuring the splendid design of Oliver Haecker with photos from all featured bands and an essay about the place of women in the music industry.

The compilation is available at Alfa Matrix site: www.alfa-matrix.com/manifesto1/

Canal Pop feat. Polette "Things You Say You Like" -

Thursday, February 14, 2013

02/ 2013 Nuevo videopodcast en español: Episodio 01, lanzamientos electrónicos

Hasta ahora el podcast de Eternal Sunday era en inglés y en audio, y debido a los pedidos implementamos un videopodcast en idioma español, presentado por Emiliano Canal.

Este episodio 01 es acerca de los lanzamientos recientes de música electrónica del sello. Incluye preview de tracks por KooLTURE, Softcore Express, X-Tralounge, Polette y Angelini Music.

KooLTURE - Make-Believe (Single) on iTunes
Softcore Express - Electro Tango: La Cumparsita (Single) on iTunes  
Polette - Polette EP on iTunes  
X-Tralounge - Chill Out Sessions: Meridians on iTunes  
X-Tralounge - Chill Out Sessions: Chrysalis on iTunes  
KooLTURE - The Best Remixes (Volume 01) on iTunes  
KooLTURE - The Best Remixes (Volume 02) on iTunes  
Angelini Music - Downtempo One: Meditation For Peace on iTunes

02/ 2013 New release: German Kreff feat. Arabescos – Secret Stairs

Eternal Sunday proudly presents Secret Stairs, a 2-tracks release by German Kreff feat. singer Arabescos.

German Kreff is a young electronic music producer and DJ from La Plata, Argentina. He’s got a knack for recording vocal dance tracks sung by female singers. Tracks by him have been included in both editions of Eternal Sunday’s Electric Future Beats compilations series.

Secret Stairs is a 2-tracks EP sung by the promising singer Arabescos.

ES 2251 German Kreff feat. Arabescos – Secret Stairs EP
Artist: German Kreff feat. Arabescos
Release: Secret Stairs EP
Release date: February 11, 2013
Genre: Electronic, vocal progressive
Label: Eternal Sunday
Catalog #: ES 2251

ES 2251 Tracklist
01 Say My Name
02 Secret Stairs
All songs written and produced by German Kreff. Vocals by Arabescos.