Friday, April 6, 2018

04/ 2018 New releases by Ana Magiar

Eternal Sunday presents two amazing singles by Ana Magiar, Kathedral and Time Is My Enemy. Both singles are original songs and were produced by the producer Moon Dust, from Finland. Like Ana’s past releases, both songs are a crossover between classical and electronic music, featuring Ana’s angelic voice and Moon Dust’s careful production. 

A professional music video was released with each single.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

01/ 2018 Lost Ballons by Baby Scream finally arrives at the stores

The album Lost Balloons by Baby Scream is finally available worldwide at every major digital store. The album contains  b-sides, demo versions, home recordings and covers, and was available as a free download album for a while. The cover features a wonderful picture by Marcia Hill.

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11/ 2017 New release: NiñodeFuego – Snack Bar

Eternal Sunday presents Snack Bar, the sixth single by  NiñodeFuego. As with the four previous releases, the song is sung in English and the production is electronic and minimalistic. The single features two versions of the title track.

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Friday, December 22, 2017

ExZentrica: 12/ 2017 Nuevo lanzamiento: Valerio Rinaldi – El Lago Que Rebalsó La Gota

ExZentrica presenta El Lago Que Rebalsó La Gota, el nuevo lanzamiento del cantautor argentino Valerio Rinaldi, el primero después de su recopilación 30 Años. Contiene 6 nuevas canciones originales con un sonido renovado que agrega elementos electrónicos, sin perder los ya clásicos estribillos radiales y la energía rockera.

Valerio Rinaldi – El Lago Que Rebalsó La Gota en iTunes

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Video promo ExZ 4432 Valerio Rinaldi - El Lago Que Rebalsó La Gota
Preview Valerio Rinaldi – Siento Miedo

Friday, October 27, 2017

ExZentrica: 10/ 2017 Nuevo lanzamiento: Blop! – Turbio

ExZentrica presenta Turbio, el tercer álbum de la banda electropop Blop!, oriunda de Tandil, Argentina. En él vuelven a plasmar su electropop pegadizo, cuidado y radial, aunque combinándolo con algunos ritmos un poco más lentos y oscuros como el trip hop. Un disco más maduro y reflexivo. Contiene dos temas en inglés, el original “All Again” y un cover de “Slow”, originalmente interpretada por Kylie Minogue.

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Promo video ExZ 4431 Blop! – Turbio


Friday, September 15, 2017

09/ 2017 New release: Canal Pop feat. Arabescos – How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?

Eternal Sunday presents Canal Pop‘s new single, a cover of the Pet Shop Boys classic “How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously?”. The track was featured in 2016 in the compilation Prism, a tribute to Pet Shop Boys released by the German music portal Electrozombies (containing songs performed by some of the best artists in the electropop/ synthpop/ synthwave international underground scene like Parralox, Junksista, Machinista, Technique, etc.).

How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? is Canal Pop’s first collaboration with singer Arabescos. The single features the single version that appeared in the compilation and a killer remix by German Kreff.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

09/ 2017 New release: Emaxx Cost – Joyride

Eternal Sunday presents Joyride, DJ and producer Emaxx Cost’s third electronic music release on the label. It features two “progressive tech house” (in the words of the artist) tracks, influenced by Bulgarian and Middle- East music, “Joyride” and “Bpeme”.

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Friday, September 1, 2017

ExZentrica: 09/ 2017 Nuevo lanzamiento: Blop! – Insoportable

ExZentrica presenta Insoportable, el nuevo EP de la banda de Tandil, Argentina Blop!, en el que adelantan tres canciones que van a formar parte de su próximo álbum Turbio. Dos de las canciones son originales, “Cursi” e “Insoportable”, mientras que el tercero es un muy logrado cover (en inglés) de “Slow”, de Kylie Minogue.

Blop! – Insoportable en iTunes Store

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Friday, August 18, 2017

08/ 2017 New Release: The Kavanaghs – Headlights

Eternal Sunday presents Headlights, the third studio album (containing original songs) by the powerpop band The Kavanaghs from Rosario, Argentina. The band has gone trough some changes since Love Conquers Pain, from 2011. Singer/ guitar player Alejandro Pin is gone, so drummer Seba Cairo took his place at the guitar and new member Franco Barbieri replaced Seba on drums. In this album, half of the songs were written by Seba Cairo and half by Tiago Galíndez, who wrote most of the songs that appear on the Kavanaghs first two albums. Tiago himself is dividing his time between The Kavanaghs and his solo project (in Spanish) Tiago & Los Pájaros.
Some things have changed in six years, but what stays is the wonderful Kavanaghs signature powerpop sound, a combination of the classic 60s British rock with a touch of 90s britpop and current indie rock. The catchy choruses are there, as well as the vocal harmonies and the radio friendly sound. Headlights on, The Kavanaghs are back for good.  

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Promo video ES 2303 The Kavanaghs - Headlights


Friday, August 11, 2017

08/ 2017 New Release: The Kavanaghs – Love Conquers Pain Live

Eternal Sunday presents Love Conquers Pain Live, the album that captures the magical night (September 19, 2011) in which The Kavanaghs performed at the Sala Lavarden theatre in their home city, Rosario, Argentina, to present their newest album, Love Conquers Pain. 
The recording shows the band playing at it best for their own public. The album contains 15 tracks, the whole Love Conquers Pain album plus some songs taken form their debut album The Kavanaghs. 

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Friday, August 4, 2017

08/ 2017 New release: Plastic Orgasm People – Falling

Eternal Sunday presents Falling, a single by Plastic Orgasm People, (Emiliano Canal’s first band with singer Alejandro Marino, before starting Canal Pop).  The song was originally recorded in 1996 along with other two songs, “The Collective Song” and “Let It Rain”, but for some reason these two made it into the band’s debut EP, The Meaning (Of Love) while “Falling” was not included. Falling” is a perfect example of Emiliano Canal’s distinctive style of pop composition and shows Alejandro Marino’s singing talent at full. The guitar was played by the late Lapo Gessaghi, a very well known (and loved) 90’s session player and studio owner.

The song is highly unusual because there were almost no recording of Argentinean bands singing in English at the time, thus making Plastic Orgasm People (AKA POP) truly pioneers.

Thoough it was not released commercially, the song was featured in some Internet portals like the old and ranked high at the site charts.

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Friday, June 23, 2017

06/ 2017 New release: Softcore Express – Neon Lights

Eternal Sunday presents a new single by Softcore Express, the label exclusive tribute and covers makers. This time it is an amazing rendition of the Kraftwerk song Neon Lights”, originally released by the German electronic music pioneer group in 1978 as part of their Man Machine album (and covered many times by electropop artists like Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, who covered the song in their 1991 album Sugar Tax). The single features two versions of the title track.

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