Tuesday, March 19, 2013

03/ 2013 New release: Ignacio Paz, Acid Non Stop

Ignacio Paz is an electronic music producer from Rosario, Argentina, specialized in releasing techno, electro and acid house. He has released electronic music for years under many artistic names and projects (DJ Coky & Nacho experience, DJ Sick, Trance Devils) until he finally decided to use his own name.

His music mixes modern electronic music techniques and sounds with old-school sounds, creating an unique sensorial experience. Eternal Sunday presents the first of the two planned comeback releases by Ignacio Paz: Acid Non Stop, which features three lovely techno tracks with an old-school 303-based acid flavour.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

03/ 2013 New release: Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados

Eternal Sunday presents another debut album that’ll make history: the one by Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados, the electronic rock band lead by Fr3ak, that gives a new step in rock evolution.

Fr3ak comes from electronic music, style in which he had released many singles and remixes that can be considered house music, music meant to dance to. But on Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados, he uses the electronic music language and textures to express something different, values, sensations and messages that, until now, only have been communicated through loud guitar-ridden rock and roll. Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados is not about dancing, is about alienation, is about feeling alone and vulnerable against an inhuman system, is about the existential absurdity, about empty consumerism, about a world in which surface and appearance are more important that contents.

Some years ago Fr3ak would have started a heavy metal band and would have screamed his truth to the world among distorted guitars. But Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados are a 2013 band, and they sing for a generation of digital natives using a new language, a language that is natural for the new generations: the fusion of electronic music elements and an alternative rock attitude. And maybe the message the band brings us, hidden among the desperation is: there are problems, but there is a tomorrow, and that tomorrow is coming, and it’ll be different.

Maybe in a decade or two all rock bands will sound like Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados. Today, they are the only ones. Enjoy them now, because the future is coming.

03/ 2013 Nuevo lanzamiento: Fr3ak Y Los Ali3nados

Eternal Sunday presenta otro álbum debut que marca tendencia: el de Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados, la banda de rock electrónico liderada por Fr3ak, y que marca un nuevo paso en la evolución del rock nacional.

Fr3ak proviene de la música electrónica, estilo en el que ha lanzado numerosos singles y remixes catalogados como house music, música electrónica hipnótica pensada para bailar. Pero en Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados usa el lenguaje y las texturas hipnóticas de la electrónica para expresar algo diferente, valores, sensaciones y mensajes que, hasta ahora, sólo habían sido comunicados a través del rock estridente con guitarras al frente. Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados no es acerca de bailar. Es acerca de la alienación, es acerca de sentirse solo y vulnerable enfrentando a un sistema inhumano, es acerca del absurdo existencial, del consumismo vacío, de un mundo en el que las apariencias son más importantes que los contenidos...

Hace unos años, Fr3ak hubiera armado una banda de metal y hubiera gritado su denuncia al mundo entre guitarras distorsionadas. Pero Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados son una banda de 2013, que le cantan a una generación de nativos digitales y usan un nuevo lenguaje, un lenguaje que es natural para las nuevas generaciones; la fusión de elementos y climas propios de la música electrónica con el poder del rock alternativo. Y quizá el mensaje que nos dejan los Ali3nados escondido entre tanta desesperación sea: hay problemas, pero hay un mañana y ese mañana está llegando y será diferente.

Quizás en una década o dos, todas las bandas de rock suenen como Fr3ak Y los Ali3nados. Hoy, sólo están ellos. Disfrutalos, porque el futuro está llegando.

Monday, March 4, 2013

03/ 2013 KooLTURE premieres "7 Days 7 Nights" music video

Electropop master KooLTURE premieres the music video por the upcoming single "7 Days 7 Nights". The music video shows José Tramontini AKA KooLTURE baing the king of a sensual party party that takes place in a sexy Buenos Aires basement venue, but it turns out that things are not as they seem to be.

Among the many extras that appear at the video there are a couple of well known models like Erika Boveri, miss Facebook Argentina a couple of years ago. The music video was directed by Marcelo Espinola for Ciners and was post produced in Berlin, Germany.

The song (that seems to be about forbidden love) was written by José Tramontini and produced by the amazing Ladies On Mars, who also appears on the video. It'll be released on April 1, 2013 by Eternal Sunday.    

KooLTURE - 7 Days 7 Nights (Official Music video)