Tuesday, December 18, 2012

12/ 2012 New Release: Electric Future Beats 2012: New Electronic Music From Argentina

The first edition of Electric Future Beats: New Electronic Music From Argentina was released in 2011 and featured 8 tracks by some great underground electronic music producers from Argentina. It was simply made because an online search of the words “electronic” “music” “Argentina” returned no releases with those words, so the label concluded that there was a need for a compilation of Argentinean electronic music artists.

That compilation won the Premio Gardel award (the Argentinean equivalent to the Grammys) to the best electronic album of the year, so it was a good idea to come up with a 2012 edition. And here it is, a new volume of the Electric Future Beats compilation. There are some improvements. The first one was based on progressive house, but this one covers many styles, including house, vocal house, trance, electro house, etc. This edition will be properly released as a Beatport store exclusive, focusing on DJs and electronic music consumers. Once again, Eternal Sunday fulfills its promise of delivering new great music from Argentina to the world.

ES 2249 VV/ AA – Electric Future Beats 2012: New Electronic Music From Argentina on Beatport  



12/ 2012 New Release: KooLTURE - Make-Believe (Single)

Make-Believe is the first single in more than a year by electropop master producer José Tramontini AKA KooLTURE.

After releasing the album Uncovered and several promo singles, remixes and demo collections, the fans finally has the chance to listen to an advance of the new KooLTURE album. And they’re not going to be disappointed: “Make-Believe” has all the classic KooLTURE ingredients: it’s passionate, it’s catchy, it’s perfectly produced and it’s an amazing song.

The single comes with a remix of “Like A Cat” by the amazing producer and remixer Ladies On Mars and a downtempo, reflective B-side, “Is This Love”.  

KooLTURE - Make Believe on Beatport.com  

KooLTURE - Make Believe (official music video)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12/ 2012 KooLTURE releases new music video: Make-Believe

The music video for KooLTURE’s upcoming single, “Make-Believe”, can now be seen on YouTube. It was directed by Marcelo Espinola (Ciners) and features dancers Florencia Marcasoli and Ser Dancer.

 "Make-Believe" was filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in different European cities such as London, Paris and Barcelona.

The single will be released by Eternal Sunday on December 17. 2012. It includes the title track,“Make-Believe” (produced by Ladies On Mars) plus a new song “Is This Love?” and a radio edit of “Like A Cat” (from the album Uncovered).

A second digital bundle will be released on January 02, 2013 containing remixes, instrumental and acapella versions of “Make-Believe” and “Like A Cat”.    

KooLTURE - Make Believe


Friday, December 7, 2012

12/ 2012 EP preview: Polette - Polette EP

Here's a video preview of Polette's EP Polette.

ES 2243 Polette - Polette EP on iTunes

Paula Varela, AKA Polette is one of Argentina's most important (and busiest) professional session singers. Since she was very young she started working professionally at the studio and onstage, singing vocals for jingles and albums and backing vocals for hundreds of mega stars, Canal Pop, Shakira and Deep Purple among them. She's also a vocal coach and appeared regularly on TV.

Eternal Sunday releases, finally, Polette's self-titled 4-tracks EP. At least two of these recordings have seen the light as part of compilations, one of them Southern Electro Originals: The Ultimate Compilation Of The Best Electropop From Argentina released by Eternal Sunday, and another one by Poley Records. But the EP in itself never went out, which was a paradox being Polette's voice present in hundreds of other people's records.

Polette shows us what Polette likes to do when she's in command, a tasteful and suggestive world-class R&B/ vocal house with killer vocals and a very detail-oriented music production. Some of the best players from Argentina like Diego Rodríguez and Paul Dourge played in this EP. Three out of the four tracks are sung in English and the other one is in French, "Les Signes", not bad for a Spanish-speaking girl.

This is Polette they way Polette likes to sound. The time has come for the world to listen. 

ES 2243 Polette -- Polette EP
Artist: Polette
Release: Polette EP
Release date: November 12, 2012
Genre: R&B/ Vocal House
Label: Eternal Sunday
Catalog #: ES 2243

01 Les Signes
02 Black And White
03 Behind The Rainbow
04 Unwind

All songs written by Paula Varela. All songs produced by JZ except 01 Produced by Diego Rodríguez. All songs published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing except 04 by Warner/ Chappell.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

12/ 2012 New release: Conspiracy Against Truth - CAT Remixes

CAT Remixes is a remix EP featuring two killer electronic remixes of two killer songs takenfrom Conspiracy Against Truth self-titled album.  

Conspiracy Against Truth is a rock/ punk/indie band from Buenos Aires, Argentina, that gradually added electronic elements to their direct hard rock style.The band was formed when the members toured San Francisco as part of anoher band and discovered Californian punk rock.

These remixes are a great lesson of how to blend of rock and electronics. The EP also features the original album versions.

01 Senior High (The Girl Of The Year)
02 Senior High (The Girl Of The Year) (Suicide Sally Remix)
03 Slide
04 Slide (All Death Metal, All The Time Remix)

All songs written by Pablo Manuel Delgado. Published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing

Conspiracy Against Truth - CAT Remixes on iTunes  

Conspiracy Against Truth - CAT Remixes on Beatport