Tuesday, October 27, 2015

10/ 2015 New release: Virginia Da Cunha - So Alone (Single)

Eternal Sunday presents So Alone,  the second 2015 single for actress, model, singer and DJ Virginia Da Cunha. The release contains 4 tracks, the original (radio-friendly) version and three remixes by Luciano Colman & Mattias Santucho.

Virginia Da Cunha – So Alone (Single) on iTunes

Preview Virginia Da Cunha – So Alone (Electro House Version)


Monday, October 26, 2015

ExZentrica: 10/ 2015 Nuevo lanzamiento: Blop! – ADN

ExZentrica presenta ADN, el segundo álbum de Blop!, la banda electropop de Tandil, provincia de Buenos Aires. En él profundizan el pop electrónico potente y pegadizo de su primer álbum, en el que las bases prolijas electrónicas se funden con guitarras sutiles y la sensual voz de Mariana Binder para contar historias de amor, encuentros y desencuentros, todas pequeñas crónicas de instantes que combinan la cotidianeidad y la magia.

Blop! – ADN en iTunes

Preview de Blop! – ADN


Friday, October 2, 2015

10/ 2015 New release: Canal Pop feat. Josefina Aufranc – Come To My World (Single)

Eternal Sunday presents Come To My World, the first single taken from the upcoming Canal Pop album, featuring singer, actress and model Josefina Aufranc. The album will be an homage to the early electro disco music that started with Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, produced by Giorgio Moroder in 1977.

The single contains the title track and a killer remix by Fr3ak. Both of them are instantly recognizable as Canal Pop songs, respecting the formula of releasing very catchy electropop songs with carefully produced vocal arrangements. Josefina Aufranc provides crystal- clear powerful vocals.

“I want Canal Pop to sound like a mix of Daft Punk and Abba”, said Emiliano Canal, the man behind Canal Pop. “I want a modern sound, but I also love the early electro sound, the old Hi-NRG and Italo disco sound. These were fantastic styles of music, much more original that rock. That’s why we covered ‘I Feel Love’, Giorgio Moroder started a revolution and music was changed forever. But no one took this electronic music seriously when it started”.

Canal Pop feat. Josefina Aufranc – Come To My World on iTunes

Preview Canal Pop feat. Josefina Aufranc – Come To My World

Canal Pop feat. Josefina Aufranc – Come To My World music video teaser