Sunday, December 21, 2008

Eternal Sunday Podasct Episode 02 - Southern Electro Originals

The second episode of the Eternal Sunday podcast can be listened at

This is an episode about the compilation Southern Electro Originals: the ultimate compilation of the best electropop from Argentina, released by Eternal Sunday records, Buenos Aires. Includes previews of songs by Electrofreek, KooLTURE, Canal Pop feat. Bea, Cosaquitos En Globo, Mr Charles Deluxe, LastraX and Polette.

Narrated by Emiliano Canal.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tango Santo @ Discos Vivos

Eternal Sunday had a night at the Discos Vivos series of concerts. It was on December 9, 2008, at the Velma Café, Buenos Aires, where Tango Santo performed live presenting their debut album Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal).

Discos Vivos is a series of concerts organized by the City Government of Buenos Aires, in which every label is assigned a night for an artist to present their latest album.

Tango Santo live at Velma Café, Discos Vivos, december 2008.

Tango Santo live at Velma Café, Discos Vivos, december 2008.

Tango Santo live at Velma Café, Discos Vivos, december 2008.

Tango Santo live at Velma Café, Discos Vivos, december 2008.

Get Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal) at iTunes!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Eternal Sunday, present at the Beatle Week

Eternal Sunday bands performed live at the Cavern Club (Buenos Aires) as parto of the Latin American Beatle week.

The Kavanaghs, the retro rock band from the city of Rosario, reached the final at the battle of the bands, that took place on Sunda, December 7th, leaving many dozens of artists that performed Beatles covers behind. The audience loved them.

Another Eternal Sunday artist present at the final was Jorge Vazquez, who sung leading his new band Just Us. He was awarded as the best vocalist.

Latin American Beatle Week, The Cavern Club, Buenos Aires.

Jorge Vázquez, Emiliano Canal, Jan Britten Owen

Emiliano Canal, Just Us.

The Kavanaghs, Emiliano Canal, Jan Britten Owen

The Kavanaghs live at the Cavern, Buenos Aires, Beatle Week.

Just Us live at the Cavern, Buenos Aires, Beatle Week.

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Release: Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of the best electropop from Argentina

Eternal Sunday presents Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina with vocals in English.

Since its beginnings in 2006 the label Eternal Sunday had the objective of developing (and then exporting to the world) artists that are part of the Argentinean pop scene with songs in English. This local scene exists, and many of its artists are extremely talented, they write, perform and record great songs of a superb quality, that can sound next to any international hit.

To prove this Eternal Sunday releases Southern Electro Originals, The ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina. The album has 13 killer tracks that go from the ultra catchy uptempo electropop (KooLTURE, Canal Pop), move to the darker side adding industrial sounds (LastraX, Electrofreek), flirt with house music (Mr Charles Deluxe, Alfredo Norese) and reach a killer disco hymn climax (Polette).

The name of the artists may not be familiar to most people, but this doesn't mean they're newcomers: Electrofreek, who's hit "Hear The Music" opens the album, is the project of the legend of rock nacional Tito Losavio, who was a half of the sucessful duo Man Ray during the 90's. He had played with Charly García, Andrés Calamaro, Los Twists, etc. etc.

KooLTURE has made dozens of dance digital releases and is well known in the international underground electropop scene, having remixed and produced artists from around the world. The same happens to Demarco Electronic Project, the techno twins, who appear on a regular basis on the charts at, the most important dance/ electronic music store in the world. They've made all kind of records, from cutting edge electronic music to electronic tango to hard rock.

Polette is the legendary singer Paula Varela who uses to sing dozens of radio and TV jingles each year and had sung next to international stars like Deep Purple and Shakira.

Alfredo Norese is another known producer, ex member of Macaferri & Asociados, a successful 90's band from Argentina and author of many house tracks sold around the world. Auxiliar Channel and LastraX are very well know to fans of gothic/ industrial/ EBM music around the world. Its producer, Tecnoman SF, produces and records regularly European artists for labels from around the world.

A special mention goes to "Ecstatic Days", the collaboration between Canal Pop and Bea. Canal Pop is the project of Emiliano Canal, a producer from Argentina specialized in pop music with vocals in English and Bea is Bea Conenna, singer from New York City who leads Bea Ba, a North American band that makes rock en español. During a visit of Bea to Buenos Aires they got together and recorded this hit, released as a single by Eternal Sunday. They also made a music video that it’s the official music video for this compilation.

Southern Electro Originals was born to show the world the quality of the Argentinean pop music with vocals in English scene. This was a scene who had almost no support from labels till, Eternal Sunday appeared.

Southern electro Originals is an exclusive digital release. A CD edition will be released soon.

Click here to get it at iTunes!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

New music video: Canal Pop feat. Bea - Ecstatic Days

Eternal Sunday announces the release of the music video for "Ecstatic Days", the catchy electropop song perfomed by Canal Pop featuring Bea.

The video will be the official music video for the compilation Southern Electro Originals: The ultimate compilation of the best electropop from Argentina, which is being released by Eternal Sunday.

Watch Ectstatic Days at YouTube

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Argentina’s Pop For Export podcast Episode 3

A new episode of Argentina's Pop ForExport was uploaded.

Click HERE to listen to it now

Argentina's Pop For Export episode 3. The podcast that brings the best pop music with vocals in English from Argentina to the world features this time songs by The Kavanaghs, Demarco Electronic Project featuring Maca Echeverría, LastraX and a fifth track by 909 Beats. As usual, narrated by Emiliano Canal, owner of Eternal Sunday records, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Eternal Sunday at BAFIM 2008

Eternal Sunday at BAFIM.

Eternal Sunday at BAFIM.

Legendary producer Tweetry González (Soda Stereo, Gustavo Cerati, Fito Páez & thousands more) & Emiliano Canal.

Tweety González & Valerio Rinaldi.

Tweety & Lolita.

Tango Santo live at BAFIM 2008.

Tango Santo live at BAFIM 2008.

Valerio, Lolita, Guille.

Emiliano, Loli

Alfredo Norese & Emiliano Canal.

Valerio Rinaldi and the Converse Chilarock sneaker.

Celeste Carballo at the Mega 98.3 radio trailer.

María Graña & Celeste Carballo.

Celeste, Emiliano & Carlos Boccardo (Tango Santo).

Celeste & Andrea Álvarez.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tango Santo en el Teatro De La Cooperación, Miércoles 27/08

Tango Santo presenta su CD Puro Bailongo.

Tango Santo en el Centro Cultural De La Cooperación Floreal Gorini
Miércoles 27 de Agosto, 2008
Corrientes 1543, Sala Osvaldo Pugliese.

Tango Santo presenta su CD Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal) en el teatro de la Cooperación. Invitados, visuales y el habitual buen gusto de la banda.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Dance Release: 909 Beats - Midnight Dreams EP

909 Beats
ESD 88004


Our second release from August, 2008 is Midnight Dreams, a killer EP featuring four killer hose tracks with a retro, exquisite late-80's flavour.

909 Dreams is the artistic name used by producer Marcelo Benítez.

Midnight Dreams is an exclusive release.

01. In The Zoo
02. Push The House
03. All I Need
04. Bongo

Written by Marcelo Benítez.

Get it at Beatport!

New Dance Release: Ray Flix - Seven Seas EP

Ray Flix
ESD 88003

Minimal Techno

Eternal Sunday releases Seven Seas, a two track EP by Ramón Felix Moreno, AKA Ray Flix.

Ray Flix is a producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in minimal techno. Seven Seas has a b side called Techno Dreams.

Seven Seas is an exclusive release.

01. Seven Seas
02. Techno Dreams
Written by Ramón Félix Moreno.

Get it at Beatport!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Eternal Sunday: acuerdo con Universal Music Publishing

Eternal Sunday firmó acuerdo con Universal Music Publishing

Buenos Aires, julio de 2008. Eternal Sunday, el sello argentino especializado en música for export que tiene como objetivo principal desarrollar artistas locales y venderlos en el exterior, acaba de cerrar un acuerdo con Universal Music.

A mediados de 2008 Eternal Sunday creó su editorial musical Eternal Sunday Publishing. Una vez establecida cerró un acuerdo de control con Universal Music Publishing, garantizándole así que las composiciones de los artistas de Eternal Sunday tuvieran los derechos protegidos por una de las mayores editoriales del mundo.

La mayor parte del catálogo de la editorial de Eternal Sunday está formado por composiciones con letras en inglés, recurso que abre la posibilidad de que se generen negocios en el extranjero, además de en el mercado local.

A partir de esta alianza comercial, se amplían las persepctivas para todos los artistas locales que quieran proyectarse al mercado internacional, de la mano de un sello especializado en la música for export y con la garantía de protección de Universal Music Publishing.

Acerca de Eternal Sunday Records
Eternal Sunday records es un sello argentino con sede en Buenos Aires especializado en música for export, es decir, en desarrollar artistas locales con el objetivo principal de venderlos en el exterior, particularmente en el mercado no latino.
El sello realiza lanzamientos de una variedad de estilos, entre ellos pop electrónico (con voces en inglés), electrotango, música electrónica, etc. Por lo general las letras de las canciones son en inglés.
El mentor del sello, Emiliano Canal, es productor de este tipo de música. Ha vivido en el exterior y ha hecho numerosos trabajos y editado material fuera del país. Conoce a la perfección no sólo el circuito internacional donde se mueve este tipo de música sino la gran cantidad de artistas locales talentosos que no tienen toda la repercusión que deberían por no contar con el apoyo adecuado de la industria discográfica.

Algunos de los lanzamientos más destacados de Eternal Sunday son:

ES 2202: VV/ AA – Southern Waves, Tributo Argentino Al Electropop Clásico [CD + Digital]
Lo mejor del under electrónico y algunos famosos versionando hits del electropop de los '70 y '80. Se destacan las versiones de LastraX, Virginia Da Cunha, Cosaquitos En Globo, Canal Pop, Mery Zeta (ex Operación Triunfo), KooLTURE, Klauss y El Signo. De este lanzamiento se extrajeron 3 singles digitales con remixes, "Material Girl" por la ex Bandana Virginia Da Cunha, "Heart, The Remixes" por KooLTURE y "True Faith" por el ex participante de Escalera A La Fama Jorge Vázquez.

ES 2203: Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi – We Never Play Live In Buenos Aires EP [CD + Digital]
Tres lanzamientos digitales compilados en un CD. Se destacan los remixes de "Cool In Japan" y el cover de ELO "Don't Bring Me Down".

ES 2208: Cosaquitos En Globo – Cosaquitos En Globo [Digital]
El álbum debut bilingüe de los Eurythmics argentinos.

ES 2209: Tango Santo – Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal) [CD + Digital]
Tango electrónico con percusión africana, los creadores del tango electro tribal, la banda que vino a cambiar la noción de tango.

ES 2210 SD01, SD02 & SD03: KooLTURE – Stupid SuperStar (Singles 01, 02 & 03) [Digital]
Lanzamiento digital en todo el mundo con 12 versiones del hit "Stupid SuperStar" de KooLTURE remixadas por grandes remixes internacionales.

ES 2211: Mauro Angelini – One [Digital]
Lounge, chill out, electrotango, un viaje psicodélico de 15 eclécticos temas que van pasando por diferentes estilos, fluyendo en un viaje sonoro y espiritual que finaliza con una versión electrónica de "Libertango" de Ástor Piazzola.

ES 2212: Celeste Carballo – Preludio Para El Año 3001 (Single) [Digital]
4 remixes de un tema de Piazzola/ Ferrer interpretado por Celeste Carballo y realizados por Sgoliat y KooLTURE, extraídos del álbum de Celeste Carballo Celos, de próxima aparición.

ES 4401 & ES 4402: Valerio Rinaldi – Vida Pop/ Amplificarse [Digital]
Dos álbumes solistas del cantautor pop rocker Valerio Rinaldi, ex artista de Musimundo, en versión digital editada en todo el mundo.

Contacto de Prensa:
Lic. María Florencia Carrozza
Prensa y Comunicación

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Eternal Sunday: article at Prensario Espectáculos

An article about Eternal Sunday records appeared at Prensario/ Espectáculos, the South American equivalent for Billboard Magazine. The magazine also features a review of Tango Santo's album Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Podcast: Eternal Sunday Records

Eternal Sunday presents its new podcast in English. Tthe first episode is aboutTango Santo's debut album, Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal).

This podcast and Argentina's Pop For Export, are one of the few (maybe the only ones) spoken in English that can be found on iTunes online store about pop music from Argentina or Argentina's local scene.

We keep the compromise to open new markets for Argentinean music around the world.

Click here to go to Eternal Sunday Podcast's page.

Nuevo podcast: Eternal Sunday Records

Eternal Sunday presenta su nuevo podcast en inglés, en el primer episodio se comenta el álbum de Tango Santo Puro Bailongo (Tango Electro Tribal).

Este podcast se suma a Argentina's Pop For Export, y ambos son de los pocos podcasts (si no los únicos) que pueden hallarse en la tienda iTunes que hablan de música pop argentina y de la escena local en general en idioma inglés.

Seguimos de esta manera cumpliendo nuestro compromiso de abrir nuevos mercados para que el mundo conozca la música argentina.

Cliquee aquí para ir al podcast de Eternal Sunday

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Podcast: Argentina's Pop For Export

Eternal Sunday presents "Argentina's Pop For Export", the new podcast about pop music made in Argentina.

Entirely in English and narrated by Emiliano Canal, episode 01 presents the preview of four songs, and three of them are part of Eternal Sunday's catalog: KooLTURE – Stupid SuperStar (Sgoliat mix), Cosaquitos En Globo – A Different Colour, Canal Pop feat. Gaby Laguzzi – Cool In Japan, and the yet unreleased "Don't You Know" by Angelini Music.

We keep our promise to dedicate ourselves to make the music of our artists known in the rest of the world, gaining access to new markets.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Single: Canal Pop feat. Bea, "Ecstatic Days"

Eternal Sunday, keeping its promise of releasing amazing Argentinean music for the whole world to enjoy, presents yet another amazing combination: Canal Pop featuring Bea

Canal Pop is the electropop project of Emiliano Canal, the music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, specialized in creating and releasing pop music with lyrics in English, who's also the founder of the Eternal Sunday record label. Bea is an American singer songwriter from New York City whose mother is from Argentina. Bea is a big fan of Argentinean music herself and she regularly performs in the New York area singing (mostly) rock en español. This unique contrast (a producer from Argentina who writes in English and a singer from New York who sings in Spanish) was strange enough to make them record and release a fantastic single: "Ecstatic Days".

"Ecstatic Days" is a hyper catchy song that was written by Emiliano Canal and the producer Sebastián "Curlie" Llobera, who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. The song posses all the ingredients that are already characteristics of Canal Pop's releases: catchy hooks, furious analog synth lines, carefully arranged vocals with dozens of takes and a melody that's so catchy that it is impossible to ignore after twenty seconds.

The Single 01 also presents the B side "God Speaks In Silence" and a remix of the main song by Alfredo Norese, AKA DJ Mágico, a dance music producer from Argentina. A music video was shot and will soon be in rotation in all music channels.

Tracklist for Ecstatic Days (Single 01)
01- Ecstatic Days
02- God Speaks In Silence
03- Ecstatic Days (Alfredo Norese FactoryLove Mix)

"Ecstatic Days" written by Emiliano Canal & Curlie Llobera, "God Speaks In Silence" written by Emiliano Canal. Mastering by Michael Etes.

Canal Pop feat. Bea: Ecstatic Days (Single 01) is an exclusive digital release by Eternal Sunday Records.

Nuevo Single: Canal Pop feat. Bea, "Ecstatic Days"

Eternal Sunday, siguiendo con su premisa de llevar la música pop argentina a nuevos horizontes y mercados presenta una nueva combinación asombrosa: Canal Pop featuring Bea.

Canal Pop es el proyecto electropop de Emiliano Canal, productor especializado en pop electrónico cantado en inglés, mentor también del sello discográfico Eternal Sunday, mientras que Bea es Bea Conenna, cantante estadounidense oriunda de New York, hija de argentinos y amante del rock argentino, quien con su propia banda, Bea Ba, recorre los escenarios de su ciudad cantando rock en español. Este contraste (un argentino que compone en inglés y una norteamericana que canta en español) era lo suficientemente extravagante como para que se juntaran y grabaran un single fantástico: la canción "Ecstatic Days".

"Ecstatic Days" es una canción híper pegadiza que fue compuesta por el mismo Emiliano Canal junto al productor Sebastián "Curlie" Llobera, que actualmente reside en Melbourne, Australia. La canción posee los ingredientes que caracterizan a las producciones de Canal Pop: "hooks" pegadizos, furiosos sintetizadores analógicos, una gran melodía, cuidadosos arreglos vocales con cientos de voces y es imposible no tararearla luego de escucharla por veinte segundos.

El single 01 de "Ecstatic Days" está acompañado por un lado B, "God Speaks In Silence" y un remix del tema principal realizado por Alfredo Norese, AKA DJ Mágico, productor de música dance argentino. Un videoclip del tema está por ser lanzado a rotación por los principales canales de video.

Tracklist de Ecstatic Days (Single 01)
01- Ecstatic Days
02- God Speaks In Silence
03- Ecstatic Days (Alfredo Norese FactoryLove Mix)

"Ecstatic Days" escrita por Emiliano Canal & Curlie Llobera, "God Speaks In Silence" escrita por Emiliano Canal. Masterizado por Michael Etes.

Canal Pop feat. Bea: Ecstatic Days (Single 01) es un lanzamiento digital exclusivo de Eternal Sunday Records.