Friday, August 12, 2016

08/ 2016 New release: German Kreff – Back In Time

Eternal Sunday presents Back In Time, a four track release by electronic music producer and DJ German Kreff. All of the tracks are cover versions of hit songs, and all of them feature the careful sound production that Geman Kreff has been developing all these years. The vocals were provided by singers LIBA and Arabescos.

German Kreff – Back In Time on iTunes

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

08/ 2016 New release: Softcore Express feat. Pauline Q – Venus

Eternal Sunday presents a new single by Softcore Express, the label’s exclusive tributes and covers makers. In this occasion they present two songs made famous in the 80’s by the girls group Bananarama, “Venus” (which itself is a cover of the 60’s, the original version was done by the Dutch band Shocking Blue) and “Love In The First Degree”.
Both songs were classic examples of the sound of legendary pop producers Stock Aitken & Waterman, whose bands and artists dominated the teen pop/ dance music scene in the UK in the mid-80s (Kylie Minogue, Dead Or Alive, Rick Astley, Bananarama, Mel & Kim, Samantha Fox among many others).

“Stock Aitken & Waterman were criticized, both by rockers and by ‘serious’ electronic musicians, because they made pop hits for teens”, says Emiliano Canal,  the label director. “But it is very difficult to come up for pop hits for teens. People not always realize this, and SAW did it worderfully for a decade or so”.

The vocals were provided by the very young and very talented Pauline Q, a 17-years old singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, who also works as a voiceover artist for Disney and other companies. This single is her phonographic debut and, judging for the results, she’s got quite a bright future in her hands.

More cover versions are in the making! Enjoy!

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Video Promo ES 2294 Softcore Express feat Pauline Q - Venus


Friday, August 5, 2016

ExZentrica: 08/ 2016 Nuevo Lanzamiento: Gabriela Lavalle - Actitud Tango

ExZentrica presenta el segundo álbum de Gabriela Lavalle, Actitud Tango, en el que vira su perfil hacia el tango, la música representativa de Buenos Aires.

Actitud Tango consta de once canciones que se dividen en tangos clásicos y modernos. Están interpretados en forma magistral por Gabriela y su inigualable voz, a la que se les suma el trío de piano, contrabajo y bandoneón dirigido por Jorge Rutman, creando un sonido moderno que respeta los arreglos clásicos.

Un disco apto tanto para los tangueros de ley como para los que están aproximándose al género.

Gabriela Lavalle – Actitud Tango en iTunes

Preview Gabriela Lavalle - Actitud Tango

Video Promo ExZ 4425 Gabriela Lavalle - Actitud Tango