Saturday, February 26, 2011

02/ 2011 Gabriela Flores at Talento Argentino (2)

Gabriela Flores reached the semi finals at the TV show Talento Argentino. She performed a killer version of "Proud Mary".

Gabriela Flores' debut album is signed to Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing.

Here's one of Gabriela's original songs, "Wasted Crippled Torn".

Gabriela Flores - Wasted Crippled Torn by Eternal Sunday

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

02/ 2011 At FM 100, Buenos Aires

Emiliano Canal, Juan & Raúl from Baby Scream & singer/ songwriter Ariel Belont at FM 100, Buenos Aires (#1 in audience).

Friday, February 11, 2011

02/ 2011 KooLTURE CD among dance music stars

Uncovered by KooLTURE (released by Eternal Sunday) at the dance section at Musimundo among David Guetta and other cool electronic/ dance CD's.

This is a cool KooLTURE track:
KooLTURE - Absolutely True (The Things I Say Extended Do) by Eternal Sunday

Thursday, February 10, 2011

02/ 2011 Articles at

Emiliano Canal, the label's director, is an invited blogger at the portal of the Virgin empire.

Emiliano Canal, director of Eternal Sunday, was invited to publish a series of articles at, the portal of the Virgin empire. Based in the UK, Virgin was founded by the widely known entrepeneur Richard Branson. it started as a record label but later diversified to other business branches like airlines, aerospace industry, mobile telephones and soft drinks.

As usual Emiliano seems to be the only blogger from Argentina at the site.

Click here to go to Emiliano Canal's first article at

Click here to go to Emiliano Canal's second article at

Click here to go to Emiliano Canal's third article at

02/ 2011 Artículos en

Emiliano Canal, director del sello, es blogger invitado en el portal del imperio Virgin.

Emiliano Canal, director de Eternal Sunday, fue invitado a publicar una serie de artícuos en, el portal del imperio Virgin, basado en Inglaterra, fundado por el reconocido empresario Richard Branson, que comenzó como un sello discográfico pero que luego se diversificó a otras ramas de negocios como las aerolíneas, la industria aeroespacial, las telecomunicaciones y las gaseosas.

Como suele suceder Emiliano es el único argentino ocupando ese rol.

Cliquee aquí para acceder al artículo de Emiliano Canal en

Cliquee aquí para acceder al segundo artículo de Emiliano Canal en

Cliquee aquí para acceder al tercer artículo de Emiliano Canal en

Thursday, February 3, 2011

02/ 2010 Just Us live, new videos

Just Us live in Buenos Aires in 2010... Playing unreleased songs and killer cover versions.

02/ 2010 Canal Pop featured at Essential Pop [UK]

The music site Essential Pop [UK] published an interview to Emiliano Canal AKA Canal Pop. Find out how he writes his songs, what's his musical background and what happened when he sat on EMI's CEO's chair at a meeting.

BTW the intwerview was posted next to a pic of Ke$ha... When a song by Canal Pop was chosen "song of the day" at they chose a Ke$ha song after them (and it went to #1 in the UK).

This is the preview for the upcoming Canal Pop's album
HCG&LFB by Canal Pop