Monday, July 28, 2014

07/ 2014 New release: NivEK – Notification

Eternal Sunday presents Nivek’s second EP: Notification. It contains three instrumental quality tech-house tracks suited for any DJ set, “Notification”, “Colossus” and “What Is”.

Notification is an exclusive Beatport store release.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

07/ 2014 New Release: Virginia Da Cunha – Maniac (Single)

After releasing her first solo single in 2007 (a cover of Madonna’s “Material Girl”) Eternal Sunday releases another 80′s cover by Virginia Da Cunha. This time it’s a rendition of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac”, a song made immortal by the movie Flashdance in 1983.
The choice of this song was not casual, Virginia chose the song as a symbol of her love for dancing and the dancefloor. Dance was present all of her life, since she started taking dance lessons at 5, when she was part of Bandana (Argentina’s most successful girls group ever), as a leader of the punk/ pop band Virgin Pancakes and the electropop duo she had with her brother, Just V. A couple of years ago Virginia started a successful career as a DJ and Sing-J (a DJ that also sings on top of the music), which brought her to the other side of the spectrum: once the little girl that danced, now she was the one making others move on the dancefloor.

“Maniac” was originally programmed by Fernando Da Cunha and all the voices and post production were done by Emiliano Canal. The result is pure and catchy pop for enjoying at home or at the dancefloor.

Virginia Da Cunha – Maniac (Single) on iTunes

Preview Virginia Da Cunha – Maniac (Single)

Promo video ES 2270 Virginia Da Cunha – Maniac (Single)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ExZentrica: 07/ 2014 Nuevo lanzamiento: LaW PoP – Mi Corazón (Single)

Meses después de lanzar 10 Años, un álbum debut que a su vez es una recopilación del material que produjo durante sus primeros años en el unde, LaW PoP lanza Mi Corazón, su nuevo single, en el que demuestra la efectividad de su pop sensible que combina sonidos electropop bailables y pegadizos con una letra sentida y directa.

LaW PoP – Mi Corazón en iTunes

01 Mi Corazón

Escrita por LaW PoP/ Erkslab. Producida por Elevate Recordings.