Thursday, November 29, 2007

KooLTURE's "Stupid SuperStar" single for sale!

For those of you that couldn't get enough of "Heart", Eternal Sunday announces the release of "Stupid Superstar", an original song by KooLTURE.

The single will be released in three parts containing tons of remixes (as usual with José and his gang). Single 01 is already for sale at eMusic, iTunes and other fine digital stores.

Click to get
Stupid SuperStar (Single 01)
at iTunes

Click on the image to get
Stupid SuperStar at eMusic

Expect singles 02 & 03 to be for sale soon.

Stupid SuperStar is a digital release by Eternal Sunday records.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Live Shows: Plasma, November 16, 2007

Several Eternal Sunday bands performed at Plasma, Buenos Aires, on November 17, 2007.

Nice flyer, designed by Pichi.

Cosaquitos En Globo, live.

Cosaquitos En Globo, live.

Cosaquitos En Globo, live.

Acuadélica live.

Acuadélica live.

Acuadélica live. Rock and roll, baby!

Acuadélica live.

Acuadélica live. Epic end of the show.

Valerio Rinaldi live. (Doesn't he look a little like Elvis?)

Valerio Rinaldi live.

Cosaquitos En Globo, Acuadélica, Valerio Rinaldi.

Cosauitos En Globo, Acuadélica, me.