Monday, November 24, 2008

New Release: Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of the best electropop from Argentina

Eternal Sunday presents Southern Electro Originals, the ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina with vocals in English.

Since its beginnings in 2006 the label Eternal Sunday had the objective of developing (and then exporting to the world) artists that are part of the Argentinean pop scene with songs in English. This local scene exists, and many of its artists are extremely talented, they write, perform and record great songs of a superb quality, that can sound next to any international hit.

To prove this Eternal Sunday releases Southern Electro Originals, The ultimate compilation of electropop from Argentina. The album has 13 killer tracks that go from the ultra catchy uptempo electropop (KooLTURE, Canal Pop), move to the darker side adding industrial sounds (LastraX, Electrofreek), flirt with house music (Mr Charles Deluxe, Alfredo Norese) and reach a killer disco hymn climax (Polette).

The name of the artists may not be familiar to most people, but this doesn't mean they're newcomers: Electrofreek, who's hit "Hear The Music" opens the album, is the project of the legend of rock nacional Tito Losavio, who was a half of the sucessful duo Man Ray during the 90's. He had played with Charly García, Andrés Calamaro, Los Twists, etc. etc.

KooLTURE has made dozens of dance digital releases and is well known in the international underground electropop scene, having remixed and produced artists from around the world. The same happens to Demarco Electronic Project, the techno twins, who appear on a regular basis on the charts at, the most important dance/ electronic music store in the world. They've made all kind of records, from cutting edge electronic music to electronic tango to hard rock.

Polette is the legendary singer Paula Varela who uses to sing dozens of radio and TV jingles each year and had sung next to international stars like Deep Purple and Shakira.

Alfredo Norese is another known producer, ex member of Macaferri & Asociados, a successful 90's band from Argentina and author of many house tracks sold around the world. Auxiliar Channel and LastraX are very well know to fans of gothic/ industrial/ EBM music around the world. Its producer, Tecnoman SF, produces and records regularly European artists for labels from around the world.

A special mention goes to "Ecstatic Days", the collaboration between Canal Pop and Bea. Canal Pop is the project of Emiliano Canal, a producer from Argentina specialized in pop music with vocals in English and Bea is Bea Conenna, singer from New York City who leads Bea Ba, a North American band that makes rock en español. During a visit of Bea to Buenos Aires they got together and recorded this hit, released as a single by Eternal Sunday. They also made a music video that it’s the official music video for this compilation.

Southern Electro Originals was born to show the world the quality of the Argentinean pop music with vocals in English scene. This was a scene who had almost no support from labels till, Eternal Sunday appeared.

Southern electro Originals is an exclusive digital release. A CD edition will be released soon.

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