Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Kavanaghs back from their UK tour

A sucessful UK tour The Kavanaghs.

The Argentinean powerpop/ retro rock band The Kavanaghs toured the UK in August and September, 2009. These are the most important issues about their tour.

· They played 6 shows at the Beatle week in Liverpool, at the mythical Cavern Club, the Cavern Pub and other locations.

· Most bands that perform at the Beatle week cover the Beatles repertoire. However, The Kavanaghs played their own songs plus some covers of their favorite bands (Beatles, Badfinger, Beach Boys, etc.).

· The Kavanaghs' debut album is for sale at most powerpop specialized online stores (Kool Kat, Dreamscape, Not Lame, Powerpop Academy Japan), and most of them recommended the album because of its quality. This resulted in many CD's sold, so some of the public already owned the CD and sung the songs along with the band.

· To have an English audience, in England, singing along to original songs in English performed by an Argentinean band is unheard of. This confirms that Eternal Sunday objectives of exporting local pop music sung in English are realistic.

· The Kavanaghs had different business meetings with labels and agencies. They were invited by EMI/ Parlophone to the private showcase and announcement of the remastered Beatles catalog in Liverpool, they were at Abbey Road studios and in other labels.

· They met several personalities, among them Giles Martin (The Beatles' producer George Martin's son, that remixed the album Love for the Cirque de Soleil), Sir Peter Blake, who designed the famous cover for the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and with the Beatles performer Jan Britten Owen, "El Maestro", who knew the band for having shared the stage at the Cavern Club, Buenos Aires. However the most meaningful meeting was with Brian Wilson, the main composer for the Beach Boys, who was touring the UK at the time, who left his hotel room and kindly went to say hi to The Kavanaghs and thanked them for their CD. Tiago Galíndez, the Kavanaghs composer, is a huge fan of the Beach Boys and considers Pet Sound the best album of all times.

· After leaving Liverpool (not without taking pictures at all the meaningful places in Beatle history like George Harrison's house, Penny Lane, etc.) The Kavanaghs went to London where they shot some film for the music video for the song "Hyde Park" and met with music executives.

· In London they performed twice, being the most important show the benefit A Perfect Day that was presented by the actress Helena Bonham Carter, (wife of Tim Burton and actress of the Harry Potter saga among many other films). The Kavanaghs wrote the song theme for the festival called "Let Love Go All The Way (A Perfect Day)".

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