Monday, August 20, 2012

08/ 2012 New single by Canal Pop: Electricity

Canal Pop releases "Electricity" as a single, backed with a cover of "Moonlight Shadow". 

"Electricity" was chosen by Canal Pop to be released as a single from the EP High Class Girls & Lo Fi Boys. The single contains a B side, a version of the 80's hit by Mike Oldfield "Moonlight Shadow". 

In 2011 the song "Electricity" was included in the Face The Beat compilation released by Side-Line/ Alfa Matrix, Belgium, being Canal Pop the only Argentinean artist.

The single will be an exclusive release until September 24, 2012 at US$ 0.99. Then it'll be available at the rest of the digital stores.

The version comes with an 8-page virtual booklet with pictures taken by Marcia Hill.

Promo video for ES 2234 DS01 Canal Pop - Electricity (Single)


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