Sunday, June 5, 2011

06/ 2011 Eternal Sunday at MICA

Eternal Sunday was one of the labels that took part of MICA (Mercado de Industras Culturales Argentinas), a huge conference and convention held in Buenos Aires from June 02-05, 2011.

MICA 2011: Emiliano Canal (Eternal Sunday) next to a huge sign.

MICA 2011: Artist Valerio Rinaldi.

MICA 2011: Café de la Música. There was neither music, nor cofee.

MICA 2011: Animation.

MICA 2011: Movies and literature.

MICA 2011: Listening stations.

MICA 2011: Emiliano Canal (Eternal Sunday) with John Dyer, Domino Records, London (Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, etc.). John did marketing at Mute records during the 80's and was responsible for some of the most important releases of bands like Depeche Mode and Erasure.

MICA 2011: John Dyer's conference.

MICA 2011: Ruth Daniels, head of Unconvention.

MICA 2011: Unconvention, producer Sebastian Krys mixing at the recording booth directed by Andrés Mayo.

MICA 2011: Unconvention.

MICA 2011: The Latin panel, left to right Rafael Arcaute, Tweety González, Sebastián Krys, Thomas Cookman (Nacional Records) and Laura Tesoriero (EPSA).

MICA 2011: Autum in Buenos Aires.

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