Friday, December 10, 2010

12/ 2010 Baby Scream in the studio at Estudio Urbano

Here are some pics of the recording of Baby Scream's upcoming album at Estudio Urbano.

Juan Pablo Mazzola with the famous rock critic Alfredo Rosso.

Emiliano Canal (Eternal Sunday), Juan Pablo Mazzola & Raúl Marcos (bass player)

Juan playing guitar

Twe placement of the two Neumann mics used for acoustic guitars.

Gonzalo Danguise, one of the sound engineers.

Hernán Pascual recording electric guitars.

Krishna Black Eagle recording backing vocals.

A break for lunch.

The studio owns a Yamaha DX7 II!!! (ca 1988)

With the legendary keyboardist Hugo González Neira (ex Aquellarre, early 70's)

Carlos Boccardo (Tango Santo) playing the violin.


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