Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Kavanaghs - Some facts about the release

These are some facts about the Eternal Sunday release The Kavanaghs by The Kavanaghs and the marketing strategy.

· The Kavanaghs is the debut album by powerpop band The Kavanaghs from Rosario, Argentina. They are a popular band in their home city (Argentina's second largest) but they are still making a name for themselves in Buenos Aires, the capital city and by far the most populated and the cultural capital of the country (as well as probably the most important city of Spanish-speaking South America in cultural terms).

· The Kavanaghs was released by Eternal Sunday. We are a small new label from Buenos Aires. Eternal Sunday's strategy is unique among labels from Argentina and South America since we focus on releasing local music sung in English for the local and the international market. There's almost no tradition of this in the music industry, because everyone focuses in the huge Latin market with songs in Spanish.

· Since the band sound is so unique the marketing/ press campaign in the local market is becoming easy. The first important achievement was that the album was for an exclusive preview courtesy of MySpace Argentina. MySpace Argentina also recommended the album for 10 days at their music page (this is particularly remarkable because MySpace deal with all major and indy labels. The album that replaced The Kavanaghs at the recommended album spot was Regina Spektor's new album).

· People had a great response to the exclusive MySpace preview of the album. Many people asked for the CD/ digital download and some wrote great comments like "I see that The Beatles are alive and well and recording new songs in Argentina" and "your wonderful music cheered me up in a sad day". These reviews are public at The Kavanaghs' MySpace profile,

· The band The Kavanaghs already had a good reputation among international powerpop fans, their demos were featured at specialized blogs where they got great reviews and they contributed with a song to the Big Indie Comeback Vol 02 compilation released in the UK by Matchbox Recordings. As a result of this several UK based labels shown interest in the band, Parlohone among them. Since the band didn't have their album finished these conversations were postponed.

· Eric Carmen (later a well known solo artist during the 70's) and Jim Bonfanti from the legendary band The Rapsberries wrote an enthusiastic critic of the band: "The Beatles, Badfinger and Raspberries fans will love this band!! They really wear their influences well. Great harmonies and catchy melodies are still alive. It's a pleasure to hear their songs". The CD carries a sticker quoting this.

· Most international online stores specialized in powerpop asked copies of The Kavanaghs to have for sale at their pages, being the most important Not Lame, Kool Kat Music (USA) and Powerpop Academy (Japan). Some of the will give the album some sort of special placement (album of the month or whatever). Other pages like CD Baby and Farolatino will carry the CD as well.

· As every Eternal Sunday release, the album will be for sale worldwide as a digital download in the most important major stores (iTunes, eMusic, Napster, Amazon, Rhapsody).

· The Kavanaghs will tour the UK in August 2009. They will play several dates at the legendary Cavern Club at Liverpool and then they play in other cities.

· One of this shows will be the A Perfect Day festival, a charity festival held in London. The Kavanaghs were not only specially invited, but Tiago (The Kavanaghs' bass player, composer and leader) wrote and recorded the festival's theme song, a wonderful hymn called "Let Love Go All The Way (A Perfect Day)". The song will be played in radio promotions, etc. and it's an unheard thing that a band from Argentina is asked to write the theme song for an English festival.

· All the songs in the album are published by Eternal Sunday/ Universal Music Publishing group. We are actively asking other branches of Universal Publishing to help us make The Kavanaghs get the recognition they deserve.

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