Friday, March 13, 2009

Valerio Rinaldi at the SXSW festival 2009

Valerio Rinaldi will performe once again at the most important festival held in the USA.

Invited once again by the organizers, Valerio Rinaldi will be representing Argentinean music at SXSW, that takes place from March 18, 2009 in Austin, Texas. It is considered the most important festival held in the USA.

Valerio will perform on Thursday March 19 at St. David's Church, an old church that was changed into a theater and regularly hosts international events.

Valerio will present his EP Hasta El Fin Del Mundo, released as a prepaid download card by Eternal Sunday. Once again the artists from Eternal Sunday show what they do at foreign places, gaining exposition for Argentinean music.

Click here to read more about Valerio Rinaldi's show at SXSW

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