Sunday, October 14, 2007

Eternal Sunday artists live during the weekend

Here are some pictures of some Eternal Sunday artists that performed in Buenos Aires last weekend (oct. 12 and following days)

Cosaquitos En Globo at Estelares Pop, Casa Brandon, October 12, 2007. Other artists were Blitto & Vanesa Strauch.

Emiliano with Fabián Jara and electropop/ futurepop/ industrial/ ebm producer Tecnoman SF (keyboardist of LastraX), at the Divas & Divos party at Niceto, one of the coolest in the city. Tecnoman played a DJ set. The main attraction was Dany Umpi's show. October 13, 2007.

For the fans of the night scene, Dani Umpi live (not an Eternal Sunday artist, of course)

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