Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Valerio Rinaldi joins Eternal Sunday

Eternal Sunday adds local pop artist Valerio Rinaldi to its files.

Valerio is a talented rock/ pop singer/ songwriter that has taken his music to many corners of the world. He regularly plays in the USA and some Latin American countries.

His resumé is too long for this space. Please check his webpage by clicking here or click at the image.

Valerio was a member of several bands and has released three solo albums, Sagitario, Vida Pop (originally released by Musimundo in 2003 and re released digitally by Eternal Sunday) and the brand new Amplificarse.

Buy Amplificarse at eMusic

Buy Vida Pop at eMusic

Buy Amplificarse at iTunes
Valerio Rinaldi - Amplificarse

Buy Vida Pop at iTunes
Valerio Rinaldi - Vida Pop

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