Friday, July 27, 2007

New Release: Cosaquitos En Globo

Eternal Sunday presents the first album by Cosaquitos En Globo.

Cosaquitos En Globo is the electropop duo formed by Sebastián (keyboards and production) and Maru (voices). Sebastián and Maru are husband and wife in real life. The band has a dinstictive sound based in their simple melodies, their deep textures and their filmic and self reflective lyrics. In this first period they combined songs in Spanish with songs in English.

Cosaquitos En Globo is the band first album. Some of the songs have been released in different compilations like La Noche De San Juan, by Alerta! discos, Buenos Aires, and the Chilean compilations ePop 101 and ePop Esencial. At the end of 2007 a CD release of this album was released in Mexico by Isaac Junkie Records, but the album was never released outside of Mexico. Today Cosaquitos En Globo releases thru Eternal Sunday Records this fine album in digital format. Eternal Sunday has already released the band's beautiful rendition of Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)".

Sebastián is well known among the local electropop lovers because he designs and builds their own analog synthezisers, which he later uses in his productions, thus giving them an unique sound.

Cosaquitos En Globo are currently at the studio working in their second album.

Cosaquitos En Globo - Cosaquitos En Globo

01- Explora
02- A Different Colour
03- Abrigo

04- Lighter

05- Some Days

06- No Reason

07- Fuego y Savia

08- Sin Mirar

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