Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Release: Demarco Electronic Project

We the people at the Eternal Sunday label are very pleased to announce the release of TWO EP's by Demarco Electronic Project, also known as the techno twins (because they are identical twins and make techno, that's why).

The twins are legendary remixers and producers from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and they have worked with big names in the local and Latin American scene, people like the ex member of Bandana Lourdes, Rubén Rada, Babasónicos, Martina Vior, Miguel Mateos, Sybil, Ciclotímica, etc. They've produced all the music featured at the DVD "Urban Dancers vol. 1", released by the label New Groove order Inc, USA. They've also worked with European artists like Yana Kay, Russian singer that went #1 at the European dance charts.

In this very ocassion we present two EP's by the band, both featuring killer instrumental tracks. The first one is "Mejor Mañana", featuring 4 versions of the titlle track (meaning "better tomorrow").

Content of the EP "Mejor Mañana"
01- Mejor Mañana
02- Mejor Mañana (Xethis Radio Edit)
03- Mejor Mañana (A.O.V. Cloud Mix)
04- Mejor Mañana (Xethis Club Mix)

The second one is "Demarco Electronic vs Xethis". Here the twins combine 4 tracks they've written remixed by Xethis, a remixer from the province of Cordoba, Argentina. one of these tracks is a remix of "Horizonte De Suceso", which was released in Chile as part of the original soundtrack of the TV series "Buen Partido", a Chilean remake of teh suscessful Argentinean production created by Pol-K "Son Amores". the soundtrack was released in Chile by Warner Music.

Content of the EP "Demarco Electronic Project vs Xethis"
01- Too Much DJ (Xethis Radio Edit)
02- Too Much DJ (Xethis Club Mix)
03- Horizonte De Suceso (Xethis Club Mix)
04- Latino (Xethis Club Mix)

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